Recycled clothing Ltd

Welcome to Recycled clothing Ltd

Our Company assists people all over the UK to provide a new lease of life to their unwanted shoes and clothes.
Everyday an astonishing 3,000 tonnes of clothing and shoes are sent away to a landfill. It’s a crazy figure and we are here to try and put a stop that figure rising but actually more importantly decrease that figure.

How we work

Our company is a fully licensed recycling collection company.
We collect clothing then sell them and distribute them to people who may not be able to afford the clothes themselves.
Our service provides our charity partners with much needed funds as for every single tonne of clothing, DVD’s, bedding etc we give the charity at least 90 pound per tonne of the goods collected.

Children’s clothing

We have various different ranges of children’s clothing and we have some beautiful pieces. We work alongside many different charities that provide us with quality products and other clothing comes from donations from the public, all our customers are satisfied with our products and have given us fantastic feedback.

Why choose us recycled clothing ltd?

1. We come to you, saving you time and money.
2. We pay the highest, putting more money in your pocket.
3. We have the most customer friendly collections team in the UK.
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