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Children's Clothing

We sell many recycled clothes for children at really low prices. Recycled clothing is basically second hand clothing, and its big business major companies such as: eBay profit on second hand goods to the tune of $40 billion per annum.

A lot of companies donate to us such as kiddie kingdom , who donate to us beautiful children's clothing for boys and girls which will then be handed to a child who will cherish that piece of clothing that's what our company is all about helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Here on our website there are over 1500 items of second-hand clothing on our Online Shop. Every item is unique, and more are added each day, so go shopping for girls, boys, toddlers and babies outfits there is something for absolutely every child.

If you have children's clothes that aren't usable anymore, use the materials to create a new item of clothing. If you need some inspiration click here to see lots of high quality dress making patterns.

All our items of clothing are clean and ready for use so why not call us today on 07516 391 430 and we'll be happy to help!

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